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Kids in Preschool

Because your child deserves the best beginning!


Ages 3-5 years old

Certified Speech Language Pathologist

Licensed Physiotherapist

1 Adult to Every 5 Children

Gross and fine motor skills

Sensory Integration

Music Education


Educare Cares


Educare Preschool is transforming early childhood education.
With a highly skilled teaching staff, an increased teacher to child ratio, partnerships with trained community professionals, and a resource rich, play-based environment, our program promotes learning in all areas of early childhood development including numeracy and literacy, social competency, emotional regulation, fine and gross motor skills, and speech and language development.
Educare values its members and offers a variety of support to families including orientation visits, monthly newsletters, literary resources, and parent workshops.


Educare is a holistic, inclusive, language-rich, and play-based program that promotes learning in all areas of early childhood development.

Educare Values

Community – We believe in the value of healthy, lasting relationships between our staff, board, students, and families, and we collaborate with local agencies to enhance our programming and provide family resources.


Learning - We believe that learning needs to engage the whole child and provide the structure and freedom necessary to inspire students towards active learning, and to empower them to understand and respond to their emotions.


Inclusion - We value and respect each child’s unique set of experiences, knowledge, skills, strengths, and interests, and we create a welcoming environment allowing each child to fully participate as their authentic self.


Integrity - We uphold ourselves to be ethical, trustworthy, reliable, honest, and fair in our actions and interactions with parents, children, co-workers, and community.


Excellence – We continually evolve to meet the needs of our children by setting tangible benchmarks and routinely succeeding them through ongoing teacher learning.

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