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About Us

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Educare Early Intervention was founded in 1996 by Kim Farrell and is a non-profit charitable organization. We have been in operation for 26 years.


Educare is a unique inclusive program that prepares children for personal and academic success by providing high quality programs that integrate Language, Literacy, Family Wellness and Early Childhood Development.

Educare provides programming to children aged 3 - 5 years old, and their families. Special needs programming is available to children 2.8 years old – 5 years old. We are a multi-faceted organization that has a variety of programs in place to serve children and their families to enhance supports and build strong educational foundations. Our Early Childhood Development Program includes:

Speech and Language Program

Program Enhancement Component (Social Skills Program and Pre-Printing Skills)

Family Literacy Program

Family Resource Program

Sensory Integration Program

Gross Motor Skills Development Program


Our programs provide opportunities and experiences to support:

Communication skills

Literacy skills

Social and Emotional well-being

Coping skills

Behaviour Challenges

Learning differences and abilities

Sensory Integration

Fine motor/Gross motor development


Educare offers programs that incorporate a holistic approach ensuring that children are supported in the many areas of childhood development. They are supported socially, physically, intellectually, creatively, emotionally, and culturally. Educare values relationship building and family wellness; it takes a village.

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