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Educare Early Intervention is a non-profit charitable organization that was founded in 1996 by Kim Farrell.

During her teaching career at Greely Road School, Kim recognized that many children did not have the opportunity to build the foundation required before entering elementary school; they had extensive social and academic readiness shortfalls. She knew that children could achieve academic success if they had their needs met before they entered Kindergarten; this included appropriate interventions and supporting the child's family life.

Kim carried out a research project to support her hypothesis. She then developed and presented a proposal to the AWASAK Child and Families Services Authority, now known as Alberta Children's Services. As a results of Kim's proposal and her commitment to children and their families, the Educare Early Intervention program was established.

We are grateful Kim had the courage and the groundbreaking vision to create Educare. She believed in the need for quality programs for children and families, and understood that investing in children from birth to five years of age pays huge dividends when they enter Kindergarten, and in their family's quality of life.

When Kim passed away in 1997, she left children, parents, and staff a legacy. The program has gained a successful reputation, grown in size and strives to develop all of Kim's ambitious plans for Educare.

The parents and staff of Educare will always respect Kim Farrell's fierce determination and strong beliefs in children's rights. She remains at the heart of our organization and is greatly missed.


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