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Programs and Services

Set up for Success!

4 Day Program


Morning Class: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Afternoon Class: 12:30pm - 3:30pm

$340/child Non-Refundable Registration Fee


($75 Affordability Grant applied)

To attend Educare, children must be 3 years old by Sep 30, potty trained, and fully immunized.
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Early Childhood Development Program

Educare has an excellent staff to child ratio; 4 staff members for 20 children in the classroom. We offer language enrichment for every child encouraging emergent literacy through theme-based stories, dramatic play, songs, and finger play. Children also learn how to relate with others through social skills intervention and confidence enhancing programming.

Speech and Language Program

The most significant predictor of school success is a child's language development upon entering Kindergarten. The children at Educare receive speech and language services from our qualified Speech Language Pathologist. This involves screening, assessment, and identification of children who have mild/moderate or severe speech delays. Parents are provided activities to assist their child at home, and workshops and parent sessions are also available.

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Program Enhancement

The Program Enhancement component of Educare's Early Intervention Program provides the following additional opportunities for learning:

Social Skills Program

Different topics of Social Skills are covered throughout the year. Our Program Enhancement Facilitator along with videos and books teaches the children about:

  • Say Please (Use Your Manners)​

  • Use Your Words

  • Everybody is Different

  • My Body Belongs To Me


Reading Center

Stories are read to children on a daily basis through different means:

  • Puppet Shows

  • Flannel Boards

  • Books on Tape/CD

  • Big Books

  • Acting out Stories and Nursery Rhymes

Writing Center

Children work on their fine motor and pre-printing skills to help them prepare for Kindergarten. We incorporate the "Handwriting Without Tears" method in the classroom.

Family Resource Program

Parents are a child's first teacher. When parents have the skills and resources to effectively support their child, excellence outcomes are realized. Our Family Resource Consultant provides home visits and consultation to families in an effort to answer questions and provide referrals to community agencies, or to provide support for parenting issues.


Our Family Matters program provides various parent workshops/sessions throughout the school year, facilitated by specialists in each topic. Our Family Resource Consultant is present at workshops to support the facilitator and parents as needed.

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Music Program

Our staff know that children benefit with more exposure to music and instruments therefore we have developed and incorporated a music program into our monthly themes. This program helps children with sequential learning which is an essential component to reading comprehension. It also helps develop rhythm and coordination. Research has shown that participation in a music program helps to "organize" the brain in such a way that children are better able to learn other areas, including language, math, and spatial skills.

Our teachers introduce different musical hand instruments to the children. They learn the name of the instrument along with the different sounds each one makes. Our program also teaches rhyming and poetry, and the concepts of fast and slow, high and low sounds, and hard and soft sounds. The children love it!

Sensory Integration Program

We provide specialized Sensory Integration Therapy to children in our program who have been recognized as having Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Our children, and their parents, also receive one-on-one time with a physiotherapist who helps them understand and implement effective solutions at home.

We are proud to have the biggest and most well-equipped Sensory Room in the RMWB, made possible through the support of the Fort McMurray Kinsmen Club.

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Gross Motor Skills Development Program

This program is offered in partnership with Clearwater Physical Therapy, and is made possible through the support of the Fort McMurray Kinsmen Club.


Gross motor development is crucial as it affects all other areas of development. The large muscles must be developmentally conditioned before a child's mind can start the development of the small muscles which in turn enhances a child's fine motor skills as well as speech and language. Taking part in gross motor activities has a positive impact on school readiness skills such as reading, writing, and sitting posture; all fundamentals of school success.


Children will experience success in school by having met their developmental milestones at the right stages.

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